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The experience and efficiency of our staff can be traced way back to 1973 – ever since we’ve been administering services to handicapped people in need of orthopaedic production. This allows our company to successfully fulfill our goals, introduce new manufacturing technologies, achieve better results, improve the standards of the customer service and, finally, remain the leader in the Latvian market in this sector.

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  • Liga K
    Standing all day at work was painful until I found Primakomforts' orthopedic shoes. The fit and cushioning are amazing. I don't feel tired or in pain at the end of the day anymore. Thank you!
    Liga K
  • Martins R
    As an athlete with a history of foot injuries, finding the right footwear is crucial. Primakomforts' orthopedic shoes offer the perfect blend of support and comfort. They have significantly improved my performance and reduced my injury risk. I highly recommend them to anyone needing high-quality orthopedic footwear.
    Martins R
  • Ieva J
    I've struggled with foot pain for years, but after trying orthopedic shoes from Primakomforts, I finally found relief. The comfort and support are unparalleled, and I can now go about my day without discomfort. These shoes have truly changed my life!
    Ieva J